Lloyd Willis Manning’s Civil War Letters

The following letters were written by Pvt. Manning during his service with the 13th Company (unattached) Massachusetts Artillery (a.k.a. Co. I, 3rd Mass. Heavy Artillery). This unit was used almost exclusively during the war as engineers -- primarily laying down pontoon bridges in Virginia in the final year and a half of the America Civil …

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14 January 1864

Springfield [Massachusetts] January 14th 1864 My Dear Lydia, I suppose you will imagine me in Boston or Readville tonight but I am in Springfield yet. The barracks in Readville are not done yet so we shall not go to Boston until next week Tuesday. Some of the company tell me that Mr. Howard telegraphed to …

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25 January 1864

Readville [Massachusetts] 25 January 1864 My Dear Wife, I guess you will think that I am writing to you quite often but they say George Hawkes writes to his wife every day but I know my letters will all be acceptable. The reason I write is, one thing --  if I am not too late …

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31 January 1864

Readville [Massachusetts] January 31st 1864 Dear Lydia, It is Sunday morning and I have seated myself in my old bunk to write to you. There is so much talk and confusion, I don't know as I can write very well. They are cleaning up the bunks, folding up the blankets and putting everything in order, …

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19 March 1864

Fort Norfolk March 19th 1864 My Dear Lydia, It is now a little more than a week since I wrote to you and I begin to fear you did not get my letter. Others have received letters from their wives in answer to those they wrote last week Friday. I wrote to you when in …

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12 May 1864

Bermuda Hundred May 12th 1864 Every dear Lydia, I have written you two letters since I came here -- one last Sunday and one last night. It had just gone when your letter came in answer to the money. It was only two days in coming. Now if I would only sit down and write …

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23 May 1864

Bermuda Hundred May 22, 1864 It is Sabbath morning but if you were here to see the horses and wagons and troops going forward, you would hardly think there was any Sabbath at all. I read your kind letter Friday eve dated May 15th. Probably it would have reached me in the fore part of …

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